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House Cleaning Services

There are a range of additional extras you can choose for your trusted house cleaning service. If looking for general cleaning inclusions, click here. Otherwise, for more information on additional extras, please click on the options listed below. Let us know which of the add-ons that you'd like, we'll include them in your costing and add them on to your office or home cleaning service.


Our premium house cleaning service, as well as the full range of additional extras are completed with our artisanal eco-friendly, health safe and organic cleaning products, ensuring the area cleaned is void of any harsh chemicals and toxins, leaving only a clean, natural, fresh and sparkly space.

Clean Living Room
Cleaning Dishes

Welcome to Our Premium, Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service in Melbourne

At Dustpan & Brush, Melbourne's premiere trustworthy house cleaning service, our intention sits in the details. We also strive to be the best cleaning service you've used, leaving your space refreshed while keeping things entirely green and eco-friendly. These additional extras above (add-ons to your regular cleaning service), are designed to pamper your space and give back the peace of more 'you time'. We've included information about each for your perusal. Enquire to add as few or as many as you'd like to your booking, detail what you're after and we'll be happy to assist. Below are some popular add-ons by room.

Kitchen Cleaning Service Additional Extras

Home Cleaning Service Extras, by Room

How's your rangehood faring? Our thorough home cleaning services ensures we can address the grease and grime on your rangehood and filters, leaving them shining like new and ensuring your kitchen cleaning is fresh and spotless. If looking for further add-ons for the kitchen, our organic products can also have your oven sparkling without any nasty stuff; zero chemicals, zero fuss. Pantry cleaning is also a fantastic addition to keep your staples neat and top-notch-tidy with our house cleaning service - you can choose to either remove pantry items before we arrive, or if you're happy paying that tad extra to save time and effort, we can do it all for you. While you're there, refrigerator cleaning is a popular option for those who haven't had the chance to give their fridge a good wipe down in some time. Say hello to a fresh-smelling fridge with our eco-friendly cleaning magic, we clean all shelves, fridge baskets and internals. Similarly, dishwasher cleaning: is an often forgotten addition, but always welcome when added. Keep your dishwasher happy and running smoothly with a full filter clean. Lastly, microwave cleaning is a perfect add-on for a quick enlivening of your trusty sous chef, we'll give everything in your microwave a good scrub to remove gunk and build up so it's clean, odor-free and reheat-ready!

Bedroom Cleaning Service Additional Extras

Allergies and broken sleep? Add a mattress sanitisation service to your booked clean. Rest easy knowing your mattress is free from allergens and germs thanks to our thorough sanitisation, and add a linen/bed changing service while you're there; having someone else offer freshly changed linens and bed sheets is a special kind of luxury. Let us know if you'd like it added on and we'll happily take care of it.

Living & General Home Cleaning Service Additional Extras

Ground level window cleaning is available throughout general home spaces as an additional extra; crystal-clear windows are always a 'yes please' with our professional window cleaning service. Furniture sanitisation is also available, a popular addition as allergen control for you, newborns, young kids and pets. Your furniture deserves some TLC too! We'll have it sanitised using our eco-friendly products, and steam sanitisation method. Wooden shutter, wooden venetians and plantation shutter dusting is also available throughout your space to be added on as an additional extra to your booked clean. Keep your wooden blinds or plantation shutters looking their best with our gentle dusting, and say goodbye to pesky wall marks with our expert spot cleaning of wall mark service.

See above to click for more specific detail on each of our additional extras and processes.

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