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Effective Cleanliness

Rangehood Cleaning Service

Rangehood cleaning is one of the more daunting and forgotten house cleaning tasks. Further, knowing when and how to correctly clean a rangehood, as well as how to clean rangehood filters presents it's own quandary. In the home, health starts with the quality of how we eat and how we breathe; having clogged or greasy rangehood filters can interrupt the air quality of your filtration process (and the air quality in your home), especially if not tended to for some time. Clogged and dirty filters can impact the whole kitchen, leaving a film of grease and grime on the cabinetry, light fittings and sometimes even the ceiling. Beyond that, greasy rangehood filters look visually awful and icky. We're Melbournians, health and aesthetics go hand-in-hand!


It can take quite some time to complete a rangehood cleaning service, doing so at home can be difficult to perfect when build-up becomes stubborn. This is why Dustpan & Brush offers a rangehood cleaning service as an additional extra to the best cleaning service available to you. See below for what is involved in our eco-friendly rangehood cleaning process, and for how to book.

Rangehood Clean Steps

1. Assessment: Inspect the rangehood to assess its condition and determine the appropriate rangehood cleaning methods. The material (e.g glass, metal mesh, stainless steel) and the age of the rangehood will determine the best approach and ability for cleaning greasy rangehood filters.

2. Surface Cleaning: Wipe down the exterior surfaces of the rangehood with an eco-friendly and effective cleaning solution to remove grease, grime, and fingerprints. Some hard work alongside our gentle hand-crafted organic castile and vinegar/acetic solution will do the job fantastically.

3. Filter Removal: Remove the filters from the rangehood. Please note that some older rangehoods and some entry level newer rangehoods don't allow filter removal if they are glass bound, or integrated into the rangehood as a whole. Otherwise, mesh rangehood filters, that are typically aluminium (or a carbon mesh sheet that traps grease and particles) can be removed and cleaned.

4. Cleaning Rangehood Filters: Depending on the type and condition of the filters, a pre-soak in a water and plant derived organic castile solution may be necessary to loosen built-up grease and dirt. Once done, the filters will be scrubbed thoroughly to remove grease and grime. In particularly tough circumstances, we have a boiling water pressure machine that will detach grease.

5. Drying and Reassembly: After cleaning, the filters will be rinsed thoroughly to remove any remaining residue. They will then be pat dried with absorbent fibre cloths before being reinstalled.

Make a booking?

Cleaning rangehood filters once a quarter will go a long way toward best helping maintain the overall rangehood efficiency, air quality in the kitchen and prolong the rangehood lifespan. We understand life can get in the way, so if you're in need, click below to make a booking and add the extra of rangehood filter cleaning to your premium cleaning service in Melbourne!

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