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Natural Clarity

Wooden Shutter Dusting

Is your home adorned with plantation shutters or wooden venetian blinds? Both possess an understated elegance that melds seamlessly with the fabric of any home. They bring a sense of character to rendered and brick homes and act as a delicate filter for your weatherboard. Unlike the ephemeral nature of curtains or blinds, venetians and plantation shutters are built from materials that endure the wear and tear of everyday life however do require upkeep. Dust accumulates on wooden shutters very easily, gladly, Dustpan & Brush offers a wooden blind and shutter dusting service to keep your shutters done and dusted.

Shutter Dusting Services

We offer blind dusting services for wooden shutters, both plantation and venetian. Let us know the exact number of sets you'd like dusted, as each wooden slat requires individual attention to ensure a thorough job. We'll allocate the time needed to make your shutters look fabulous once more. Please note, however, that stained or damaged shutters and blinds cannot be remedied through a cleaning shutter cleaning service. This dusting service focuses on dusting and wiping, bringing a sense of renewed clarity and freshness to your sleeping and living spaces.

Make a booking?

Shutters and/or venetians looking like they need a good going over? Click below to add a wooden shutter dusting booking to your organised clean today!

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