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Furniture Sanitisation

Second only to mattress cleaning, the next most overlooked component of a detailed home cleaning service is the cleanliness of your fabric furniture; carpets, couches, chairs often go neglected—all the pieces frequently used by you, your family, pets (cheeky!) and guests. The good news is, build-up of these kinds of nasties only impacts fabric materials; any wooden, metal, plastic furniture will not be affected. Yet, fabric furniture harbours its own little ecosystem of bugs, bacteria, and dust mites, all of which can trigger allergies that are difficult to trace. So, how do we tackle these hidden trespassers? The vacuum won't help, and with a huge amount of time spent using furniture, they inevitably become home to unwelcome residents; fungal spores, dust mites, bed bugs, mould and bacterial/viral remnants amongst them. Steam Sanitisation remains the most effective, health-safe solution. Explore below to learn more about our sanitisation process!

Furniture Cleaning Service

A lot of people ask, how can you kill dust mites and allergen triggers? Furniture sanitisation will do precisely this. The key is using a commercial steam sanitiser with an optimal pressure-to-heat ratio. An 8-bar commercial unit delivers 180 degrees of instantly evaporative steam—dry heat that eradicates the majority of unwanted intruders and revitalises the carpets, couches, and chairs in your home.


This method effectively tackles mould, bed bugs, dust mites, and other troublesome invaders that might be causing rashes, poor sleep, or general allergies. Steam sanitisation stands out as the only solution without perfumes, chemicals, misleading "low-tox" claims, or UVC radiation. It relies solely on pure H2O, delivered as (very hot!) dry heat to thoroughly cleanse your space, furniture, bedding and carpets.

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Dustpan & Brush offers this effective and entirely eco-friendly furniture sanitisation service as an addition to your clean.


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