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Fridge Cleaning Service

Is your fridge is looking a tad disordered? Want to know how to get rid of fridge smells? No matter the need, you can always add a fridge clean to your eco-friendly premium cleaning service, or office kitchen cleaning. If you have some motivation in the tank, feel free to use our guide below for our process on how to clean a fridge. Otherwise if you don't have the time or worried that you're unsure exactly how to clean the fridge effectively, Dustpan & Brush offers the additional extra of fridge cleaning in Melbourne, so earn back some time and we'll happily take care of it for you!

Keep in mind that fridges can be quite variable in size, ranging from extra slim single occupant sized fridges, through to extra large double door fridges or more. Of course, the majority of fridges fall into the midsize category however if yours happens to be larger, best let us know and we'll adjust prior to finalising your booking, ensuring there is enough time for your fridge cleaning!

How To Clean A Fridge

1. Empty the Fridge: Remove items and safely place them on the bench.

2. Remove Shelves, Drawers, and Bins: Take out all the removable shelves, drawers, and vegetable containers from the fridge. Wash and wipe thoroughly with warm, organic soap water emulsion. Once done, we finish via buffing with a dry cloth for a final shine.

3. Clean the Interior: A wipe down of the interior walls, built in shelves, and surfaces with extra attention paid to spills, stains, and sticky residues. Same as above, once the interior has been cleaned we end via buffing with a dry cloth for shiny finish.

4. Clean the Exterior: Finishing the exterior surfaces of the fridge with an eco-friendly solution designed for streak free sheen, and a microfibre wipe, including the doors, handles, and sides. A secondary wipe is done to dry the exterior with a clean cloth to prevent water spots.

5. Replace Shelves, Drawers, and Bins: Once the interior and exterior are clean and dry, we place the shelves, drawers, and bins back into the fridge, ensuring they are properly aligned and secure.

6. Organise and Return Food Items: Organise the remaining food items neatly and return them to the fridge to finish up!

Want to book?

Cleaning your fridge and eliminating fridge smells does wonders for your sense of calm and for kitchen hygiene. Click below to make a booking and add fridge cleaning to your trustworthy home cleaning service today!

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