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Organic & Chemical Free

Oven Cleaning Service

Wanting to incorporate a health-safe oven cleaning service as part of your booked clean with Dustpan & Brush? Our easy chemical free oven cleaning service is a great additional extra to add on to our premium offering. Since many consider oven cleaning a sporadic and cumbersome chore, it can become quite challenging when it comes time to tackle. Unfortunately, once at this stage, practically all specialised businesses and cleaning products on the market rely on the harshest toxic, carcinogenic and caustic chemicals to clean the appliances you and your family cook food in.


Shop aisles are full of awful, toxic products and the majority of oven cleaning services prefer them regardless of how soiled the oven is or isn't (because it's quick), with little thought given to the accumulative health and environmental impacts, not to mention the lack of acknowledgement of safer alternatives. Fortunately, we subscribe to the low-tox lifestyle, which is precisely why we provide a completely non-toxic, health-conscious, family-friendly, food-safe, chemical free, and organic natural oven cleaning service. Read on for more and to book!

Why and How?

Oven build-up is unsightly, if left for too long, it can also bring with it a range of not so pleasant smells, not to mention it's a difficult task and a time-consuming venture for most people to do themselves, especially if oven cleaning hasn't been tended to previously, or it's been long in between cleans (always set your expectations of what can be achieved if your oven is in a particularly bad state), however if you're feeling brave and energetic to give it a crack yourself, then click here for a guide on the easiest way to clean your oven at home!


Too difficult, unsure, or too time poor? We completely get it. See below to book and learn more about having your oven looking it's fantastic best while remaining completely health conscious using Dustpan & Brush as your organic personal eco cleaning service.

What's Involved?

Oven cleaning is a tough process that requires a lot of work and elbow grease if not frequently maintained. It can take up to two hours to complete depending on cleaning requirements. Below is the general process for your safe oven cleaning service:


1. Apply a gentle eco-friendly, plant based degreasing oven cleaner to the surfaces, allow time for grime loosening where possible.

2. Scrubbing of interior walls, scraping of caked on residues and oils, assisting the removal of stubborn build-up where possible.

3. Soaking of grills using plant derived solubilisers and boiling water to break down grease and food residue - hand cleaning to finish with stainless steel scrubbers and our specialised organic metal cleaning solution.

4. Wiping down of oven surrounds, eliminating built-up food remnants or blackened charcoal.

5. Finish cleaning of the outermost and innermost glass door surfaces, restoring clarity and shine without using any harsh chemicals.

Chemical Free Oven Cleaning Approach

In offering our inside oven cleaning service in Melbourne, it’s crucial to note our approach differs significantly from other specialised companies. We refrain from using harsh, toxic chemicals that saturate the environment with carcinogens or involve dismantling the oven completely. Instead, our method focuses on no tox, natural oven cleaning practices. Over the years, we’ve cleaned thousands of ovens with overwhelmingly positive feedback—this approach effectively enhances the oven’s appearance and cleanliness, and aims best to restore it to a new condition where able, however keep in mind that this doesn't match the stripped away intensity that a toxic service may. Nevertheless, we ensure it's left looking in its best possible condition without compromising quality, or your health.

As to how often you should enlist a professional oven cleaning service is dependent on how heavy the typical use is. Best rule of thumb would be to clean the oven at least every 6 to 12 months at the absolute least to avoid blackened and hardened build up which you will eventually struggle to remove. To avoid incredibly stubborn build up from getting out of hand to begin with, some of our customers choose to add a once monthly 'oven maintenance' appointments alongside your booked home cleaning service for easier frequent upkeep; others, once a quarter. Incorporating regular cleanings at these intervals not only allows for easier maintenance and more cost-effective bookings, but also ensures your oven is in optimal condition, promoting health, oven functionality, and longevity.

Book your no-tox oven cleaning service?

Dustpan & Brush offers this entirely non-toxic and eco-friendly oven cleaning service in Melbourne as an addition to your clean, to read more details and tips of how to clean and maintain your oven, see above.


Otherwise, click below to enquire and add an oven clean to your trustworthy house cleaning service today!

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