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Frequently Asked Questions
& Health/Safety

Exactly how eco-friendly are you?
Very! We make all our own products, by hand, from Australian sourced and readily biodegradable constituents; all being eco-friendly, chemical free, non-toxic, natural and vegan. Our containers and bottles are re/upcycled. Our business materials such as business cards and flyers are made using recycled paper/material, and we work with sustainability award winning green printing companies that share the same ethos. We also always opt for digital communication/services where possible and the banks we use do not invest in nor fund fossil fuel industries. Our carbon footprint is incredibly minimal, and better still, via funding reforestation projects in Australia and around the world, we're also very proudly 100% carbon neutral! To read more about our sustainability, click here. We're always seeking to improve further - if you have any suggestions - please let us know.

Are you fully vaccinated?
Yes! Jabbed, booster jabbed and up-to-date, we require all customers to be fully vaccinated too.


What are your rates and how are they calculated?
We make things simple - as opposed to an hourly fee, we calculate a set rate for each home to ensure we'll always give your space the attention it deserves and you'll always know the price. Once you've sent the request/specifics of your home, we'll pop those details into our quote estimator, fondly named Dusty SpringClean (yes we're quite proud of that one) and respond to you with your quote. For more information on our premium cleaning services in Melbourne and our pricing benefits, please click here.

Can you tell me more about the products you use?

As you may have guessed, all our products are entirely eco-friendly, readily biodegradable and void of any harsh chemicals and toxins. They are all made by hand using vinegars, bi-carb, water, surfactants (suds!) and essential oils, leaving your home clean and smelling lovely. All constituents are plant-derived, natural and vegan. We also use a plant based citrus disinfectant and sanitiser that has been tested against a surrogate for Covid-19 with a kill rate of 99.99%. Your health is our utmost priority.

Do I need to supply any equipment or products for the clean?
Not at all, we supply all premium, commercial grade equipment ourselves.

I have a product that I'd like used on a specific area, is that okay?
Certainly, while we do supply all our own products, if you own a particular brand that is required for the type of surface to be cleaned then we are by all means happy to oblige so long as it is non-toxic. Just let us know!

Can I be home, or do I have to be home?
For first time or once-off cleans at a space we've not previously cleaned, we require someone show us through the property at the beginning of the clean, and look through to confirm all items have been tended to at the end of the clean. For any future cleans after the initial booking, whatever is best for you works for us! If you'd prefer to or need to be out then so long as we're given access, we will have your space sparkly, sanitised and smelling beautiful upon your return. While it's always easiest/best cleaning an empty home, if you'd prefer to stay, or you need to, then no worries. We're happy to be and work around the adult humans, medium humans, bubs and pets as required.

I have pets, is that okay?
So long as you're okay with us giving them all the love, then absolutely! Or we can work around them too if you'd prefer, all pats, love and pet conversation come free of charge.

This sounds so good! Will I always have the same cleaner? Other services always change cleaners on me.
Proudly, we are not an agency. We are a tiny, boutique organic cleaning service and you will generally have the same one or two cleaners, at every clean, short of reasonable unforeseen circumstances such as illness. When it comes to other cleaning businesses, we hear a lot of horror stories or generally unsatisfied people who have had new, changing and/or untrained people sent every other booking; ones that use toxic/chemical based products, have little attention to detail, are unreliable, untrustworthy etc (or a combination of all of these). In response, we as "Dustpan & Brush" decided to build a smaller business that addresses all of those industry issues by granting the reputable, checked, insured, reliable, consistent and high quality of organic cleaning service that our premium cleaning provides. We always recommend you start your experience with us by booking a spring/deep clean or once-off (depending on the home needs), that way you'll have the opportunity to meet us and get a good sense of our ongoing quality!

How long will my clean take? How many people will be there?
As Melbourne's premium cleaning service, we do not operate on a timed basis, rather to the high quality of a results-based job. As above, we are a boutique service and you will at most have a couple of cleaners, always the same people, for each booking. If this is a new home, or first time booking and we've never cleaned your space before, we will organise an initial clean and work until the inclusions of your booking are completed to standard. Once we've conducted that initial clean, having then done the hands-and-knees work required for your specific space allows us to understand the upkeep, detailing, your needs and pressure points for ongoing service, to then easily estimate the general time it will take ongoingly to clean your space and find a spot ongoingly.

We don't wear shoes in our house, can you also not wear shoes while working?
 Unfortunately no, while we understand no shoe households, non-slip shoes and foot protection is required by law for health, safety and hygiene. We must remain in non-slip footwear throughout the clean. Cleaning requires balance in both precarious areas and on common/normal surfaces alike, which are often wet, slippery or multi-level platformed such as steps and stairs. Asking your cleaner to perform these tasks without protective or non-slip shoes is against workcover requirements. Please do not ask us to remove them.

Which areas do you service?
 If we're close but you don't see your area below, contact us, we will try to assist if able!

Abbotsford – Albert Park – Alphington – Armadale – Ascot Vale – Ashburton – Ashwood – Balaclava – Balwyn – Bentleigh – Brighton – Brunswick – Burnley – Burwood – Camberwell – Canterbury – Carlton – Carnegie – Caulfield – Chadstone – Clifton Hill – Coburg – Collingwood – Cremorne – Elsternwick – Elwood – Essendon – Fairfield – Fitzroy – Flemington – Gardenvale – Glen Huntly – Glen Iris – Glen Waverley – Hampton – Hawthorn – Hughesdale – Huntingdale – Kew – Kooyong – Malvern – McKinnon – Melbourne – Middle Park – Mont Albert – Moonee Ponds – Mount Waverley – Murrumbeena – Northcote – Notting Hill – Oakleigh – Ormond – Pascoe Vale – Port Melbourne – Prahran – Preston – Princes Hill – Richmond – Ripponlea – South Melbourne – South Yarra – St Kilda – Surrey Hills – Toorak – Travancore – Wheelers Hill – Windsor

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Are you registered and insured?
Of course. Dustpan & Brush has been registered and insured since 2016.

What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things pop up and you may need to reschedule. We ask that any changes to the booking be made with reasonable notice. For detailed cancellation and reschedule policy, fees and penalties, please read our terms of service - found here.


Where can I find your terms of service?

Right here!

Where can I find your reviews?
We're quite humbled by the reviews we're given, probably because we're so passionate about what we do! Find our google reviews here, our facebook reviews here and the testimonials on our website taken from our reviews here.

What days and hours do you operate?
Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. We may offer or agree to bookings outside of these hours, or on weekends on the basis of availability and capacity. Applicable overtime and weekend surcharges may apply.

How often do you suggest I should have my scheduled regular clean?
Feedback we often hear from our clients who've used a different cleaner/company before, is that they previously required a more frequent clean as the work they'd been used to had been quite standard or, 'run of the mill'. However, after making the change to using Dustpan & Brush, they've been able to drop from weekly, down to fortnightly cleans, fortnightly down to monthly etc. We always provide a thorough, meticulous, premium cleaning service that carries through unlike what you may have experienced prior to choosing us. This means that with us, you save both time and cost. Instead of paying for a more frequently scheduled (double the cost) and less meticulous (half the job) clean elsewhere, Dustpan & Brush's cleaning service allows you the most out of your booking, your time and your space. Of course, keep in mind that you may choose whichever available frequency of eco cleaning you'd like and we'll be happy to oblige.



- to our loyal and new customers -

We Are Fully Vaccinated!

As a local business, we are actively seeking to further improve our already health-oriented operation for the safety of our lovely community. Meanwhile, our ethos remains unchanged, we are an all eco/organic cleaning company with a thorough reputation for being meticulous and ethical.

Each and every clean is undertaken with a new set of N95 masks. The disinfectant we use is plant-derived, has been tested against a surrogate for Covid-19 and has passed with a 99.99% kill rate. 
Our current high standard for protecting health has meant that our cleaning methods, products and operation that existed pre-covid are already covid-safe and ATAGI approved. Our cleaning materials are all thoroughly machine sanitised in boiling water with commercial grade disinfectant. Customer health is our utmost priority.

If you are wanting a clean, please click here to fill out the enquiry form and we'll get back to you asap!


Thank you for your support!
Dustpan & Brush

28/10/20 UPDATE

August Permitted Cleaning

Stage Four Restrictions

After thorough analysis of the Stage 4 business guide and discussion with the helpful individuals at Business Victoria, we are able to provide the clarification that customers falling under the following four categories may still book and receive their cleaning services during lockdown.


New information about Stage 4 Lockdown will be provided here as the situation develops.


Please see below the permitted reasons for cleaning during lockdown restrictions, click to book and we will be in touch shortly to organise your clean!


1. End of Lease/Move-Out and Move-In Cleans

Rental Hiring & Real Estate Services remain open and require cleaning for bond assessment and health and safety to on-sell, newly rent or re-rent after end of lease. All sectors that require cleaning services in Melbourne (e.g end of lease cleans, move-out cleans) as support for OHS of essential business are permitted.
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2. All Customers Receiving Welfare Support and Require Assistance

If you receive benefits or register as a support scheme participant e.g NDIS or TAC, govt. direction states that support services/health care/social assistance is permitted for “community support services required to ensure the health, safety and well-being of vulnerable people” and “where required to maintain the health & safety of Victorians at home or at work”
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3. Customers who Cannot Clean for Themselves

Due to Injury, Medical Issue, Mental Health Etc.

If it is unreasonable/impossible for you to clean and you do not have existing support, then domestic and residential cleaning is available to you. You must have a substantiated reason. This can simply come in the form of a medical certificate. We have already assisted many individuals with matters pertaining to disability, injury, well-being, pregnancy, birth and mental health and are happily here to support you while following government direction.
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4. Commercial/Retail/Builders Cleans

Commercial cleaning, retail space cleans and builders cleans will be permitted during lockdown under “labour hire when servicing an allowed workplace”. All sectors that require lockdown cleaning services for the operations and safety of essential business are also permitted. Administrative and Support Services such as cleaning “are permitted to operate where providing support to an essential industry or where required to maintain the health and safety of Victorians at home or at work”.
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Rescheduling & Postponement of

'Non-Essential' Residential Cleans

All booked cleans over the stage 4 lockdown restriction period that do not fall under the previous categories must be rescheduled. We have contacted all current clients for rescheduling and will again be in touch near lockdown end. New clients requesting cleans that do not fall under permitted categories can call or request a quote to book after stage 4 restrictions are lifted.


 Dustpan & Brush wishes everyone the best of health and happiness during this time!

We'll be bringing you a fresh, clean,

beautifully scented space shortly.

See you soon!

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