Gift Vouchers

Treat your loved ones to an eco-fresh home.

Know somebody that deserves a little reward of pampering, love and relaxation? Hey, maybe that person is future you!


Whoever the recipient, whatever the circumstance, we've got you covered. Let us do the work by treating your person and their home to the sparkle treatment of a non-toxic eco house clean.


Contact us with a custom dollar amount for your voucher, or purchase set $250, $500 and $1000 gift vouchers available to be used on any of our eco-friendly cleans, in any of the areas of Melbourne we service.


We'll provide the organic happy, you take the credit!

Eco Cleaning Gift Voucher

No matter which value of voucher you've been gifted, you can always top up at any time to book any of our eco cleaning options or extras as you desire.

How it Works

Purchasing & Redeeming.

Contact us with a custom dollar amount, or purchase below

We will process your voucher within one business day and email it to you. This can then be kept or forwarded/gifted to any person of your choosing.

To redeem, simply contact us to arrange an available booking time for your non-toxic clean via email, website or phone and quote the voucher ID and pin code!


You may use any portion of the voucher value towards any quoted eco clean. If the value of your voucher is below the value of your chosen clean, you can pay the remaining balance via any of our accepted payment methods.


For questions/details, please see terms below or contact us!





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Important Info


- Our ethos promotes ethical cleaning services & sustainability: all vouchers are sent via email.
- All vouchers have unique codes and are valid for three years from purchase date.
- Please keep your voucher ID and pin code safe. Once redeemed, the credit is used.
- If purchasing multiple vouchers, they will be sent in separate emails with unique IDs and pin codes.
- While paypal requires a postal address, your voucher will definitely be emailed to you!
- Like our hand made eco-friendly cleaning products, our vouchers are made by us, please allow one full business day for your voucher to be emailed. If your voucher has not arrived within this time-frame or for any other issues, please contact us.
- For further information, please read terms below.
- Can be used for residential cleans, domestic cleaning or business (commercial) cleaning.

- Premises of service must be located within our areas of service - please check before purchase.

- Coupon/discount/promo/voucher codes are valid for new customers only.