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Pantry Cleaning Service

If you're wanting a quality cleaning service in Melbourne with a few more bells and whistles than you're used to, a pantry cleaning service is a great addition to earn you back some time, and some freshness to your kitchen space. Not to mention, all that extra spilt flour and rice on the shelves are pantry moth havens. To bring your pantry back to it's best, we will wipe down shelves with our plant-based cleaning organics designed to lift grit and grime and leave the space looking neat and beautiful. Cleaning of shelves can be a frustrating task to do yourself, let us take care of it leaving you with a fresh pantry and a new lease on life! Okay fine, maybe that last line is a bit extravagant, forgive us, we just get excited about cleaning!

Pantry Cleaning Options

You have two options for your pantry cleaning service, either you can remove all pantry items prior to our arrival and we will clean the area, once done, you may put the items back when convenient. This is the most cost effective option if you're looking for the best cleaning service with a lower costing, as moving cupboard and pantry items back and forth across multiple shelves is more time consuming than assumed, usually increasing the work threefold.


Otherwise, if you'd like us to take care of everything during your home cleaning service while you get on with your day and routine; we can move the items, best clean the area beautifully and place all items back for you. Easy! An inclusive service comes at a higher cost to account for extra work but is your most time-saving choice, allowing you to prioritise more important things. Let us know your preference and we'll have everything sorted.

How to book?

Pantry feeling unkempt? Want a good reset? Prevent or rid of pantry moths? Click below to organise a pantry clean as an addition to your premium, chemical free home cleaning service!

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