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Window Cleaning

Unsure as to how to clean windows to get that desired, exact, crystal clear sparkly finish without streaks? Window cleaning experts exist for a reason! Dustpan & Brush offers our best window cleaning service in Melbourne as an additional extra to your green home cleaning service; using only artisanal, eco-friendly products for a fresh, clear shine. We currently offer window cleaning services as an addition to your booking at balcony and ground level height, providing our own precision window cleaning supplies so you don't have to worry about doing it yourself. Earn back well deserved time while we provide the sparkle.

Window Cleaning Preparation

To prepare for your window cleaning service, ensure that any obstacles or obstructions—furniture, ornaments, flyscreens covering the windows—are moved or removed beforehand. This is a requirement to allow our cleaners to work efficiently, ensuring no damage to the surrounding area or window frames. The cost of window cleaning depends on the number of panes you need cleaned. Upon enquiry, please let us know the exact count of window panes, and we’ll provide a quote.

How to book your window cleaning service?

Feeling inclined to give it a shot on your own? Click here for our streak free how-to window cleaning guideotherwise click below to making a window cleaning booking as part of your home clean!

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