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Dishwasher Cleaning

How to clean a dishwasher - the house cleaning job that's more difficult than it should be, and the task you always want to give to someone else (perhaps you may even forget about it entirely!). After all, your dishwasher is designed to clean things, not be cleaned, right? Well, of course a dishwasher does still need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to maintain functionality, increase longevity and reduce any icky odours. Very fortunately, Dustpan & Brush offers a dishwasher cleaning service in Melbourne as an additional extra to your organic premium house clean, so leave the hard work to us, we've got you covered!

How to Clean a Dishwasher

Our 3 step method for how to clean dishwasher filters and interior

1. Filter Cleaning:

Remove the filters/drainage items in the dishwasher and scrub with a purpose built brush, vinegar and our hand-crafted organic dishwashing liquid. Clean out the area where the filter was located, once clean, quick rinse of these areas to remove any remaining suds and residue to finish.

2. Interior Cleaning
We thoroughly cleanse the interior surfaces using water pressure, vinegar and baking soda, (bicarb) ensuring removal of all residue and debris left by food and paper labels if you've been in the habit of cleaning jars in the dishwasher (these are prime clogging culprits!)

3. Cleaning Cycle Finish:
The last step is to reassemble the dishwasher and run a deep clean cycle, without dishes, using the strongest and hottest setting.

Want to book a dishwasher cleaning service?

Thinking of adding a dishwasher clean to your eco-friendly cleaning service? Click below and let us know!

Maintenance Tips

When it comes to dishwasher cleaning and servicing as part of your kitchen cleaning routine, a sprinkle of bicarbonate soda and a dash of vinegar offer a gentle yet effective scrub. Always remember to use biodegradable rinse-aid, avoid overloading during future cycles, and take the time to remove paper labels from jars before washing. Scraping excess food into the bin before loading is also key. By following these steps and using hotter settings for heavier loads, you’ll keep your dishwasher looking pristine and functioning smoothly for years to come.

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