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Bright & Breathable

Wall Cleaning

Dustpan & Brush offers spot mark cleaning of walls as an addition to your reliable house cleaning service. We understand that over time, painted white walls can lose their lustre with the general to's and fro's of life over the years (thanks kids!) alongside accumulated scuffs and spills. A significant number of wall marks can be cleaned; from pen, pencil, food, scuffs, rubber marks, insect leavings and more - however it's pertinent to keep in mind that there are some marks that cannot be remedied by cleaning. Dents, scratches or particularly stained or old discolouration will not be helped by even the best cleaning service, at that point, the paint itself will have been compromised and a re-paint is the likely remedy. For everything else, and if you want to add a little brightness and freshness to your living space or office clean, our wall cleaning services will do the trick. Want to book a wall cleaning service? Click below to book and we'll take care of it for you!


Having clean walls in your space is always a game changer. They give the feeling of a new start, bringing back an air of breath and visually fresh surround which can significantly change the way you view, feel and operate in your environment. In Melbourne, where so many of us now find ourselves working from home, this becomes even more significant. We all feel visual beauty creates value in our lives and promotes motivation and contentment. just as we seek solace and inspiration in nature, bringing that same sense of calm and beauty into our homes and offices is essential (more indoor plants please!)

Cost and how to book?

Spot mark cleaning will be calculated as an addition to your house cleaning service on a per wall basis, keeping in mind a reasonable and average amount of soiling; that being a handful of marks per wall. If your walls are heavily soiled, aged or 'lived-through' please be aware of what is reasonably possible to remedy. Click below to let us know what you're looking for and we'll be happy to discuss your options with you for your quality cleaning service!

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