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Mattress Sanitisation? Your Health Says Yes!

If you're reading this, you've likely had a scroll through our blog, or found this searching the interweb, and now you're here and are wondering if getting your mattress sanitised is necessary. Perhaps you know some benefits and are looking for more information on a bed cleaning service. Whichever camp you fall into, let's start with some reality about mattress sanitisation and why it's a thing to begin with.

Imagine going weeks, or months without washing the dishes or your everyday clothes. Your towels, bed sheets? I think it’s safe to say that the mere thought would fill you with anxiety or at least an inner dialogue that resembles a passionate ‘that is SO gross!’. I agree, it’s not a nice thought.

Washing things like sheets, dishes etc are certainly easy enough to do. Hey, even our doonas can be popped into the washing machine, but here's the extra yuck part - forget weeks or months, imagine going YEARS without cleaning these items that we use every single day. Mattress sanitisation is one of the most overlooked components of a bed cleaning routine, despite us spending at least 1/3 of our lives on it, or 8 hours every single night (if we’re lucky). If you’re following this to it's logical conclusion, you’ve probably already realised that mattress sanitisation is definitely something that should be done, but how?

It’s not like we can pop it into the washing machine to address that, so what do we do?

I’ll detail the why and the how below, strap in.

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What would you expect to be the dirtiest or most contaminated place in your home? While your kitchen, bathroom and dining room may be taken care of, when’s the last time you cleaned your mattress? Probably never! It’s certainly easy enough to wash our clothes, sheets, our dishware and cutlery, even our doonas (when we remember once every blue moon), but imagine going months or even years without cleaning these items that we use every single day.

Why in the first place? Some nasty, not so relaxing truths:

1- Mites & Nasties: The average mattress contains between 1.5-2 million dust mites along with a wonderful range of bacteria, viruses, mould, sweat and skin. Sorry, it had to be said. And the correct response is the one you just had, “No thank you!”

2- Dead bugs:

After 10 years, an average mattress will double in weight due to living and dead nasties.

3- Allergens:

Dust mite poo is an allergy trigger and regarded one of the leading causes of asthma and respiratory diseases worldwide.

4- Health Issues:

In fact, allergic reactions triggered from dust, dust mites, mould and nasties include but are certainly not limited to: Asthma, Hay Fever, Eczema, Rhinitis, Psoriasis, Sinus Issues, Poor Sleep, Headaches, Itchy/Watery Eyes, Hives, Depression, Sneezing, Fatigue.

All this in our own bed.


I must admit that when I’d heard about it, without knowing all the previous I’ve just detailed, I thought it surely wouldn’t really be necessary, or that mattress cleaning prices would likely be ridiculously expensive (they're not!) – do I really need to sanitise my mattress? I only fully understood the benefit after I’d read research papers, spoke on-ground with our customers who have allergies, and the most convincing one: speaking to people that simply were having rough sleeps. Being a rough sleeper is one of those things where we just think “that’s how it is, I just have bad sleeps” without thinking that there’s a reason. Of course there would be though, much like with allergies, how could something that affects such a huge proportion of the population have no health-based solution that can be implemented?


How is this fixed? Some calming, ‘breath of fresh air’ truths:

Thankfully, all of these issues can be addressed, or better still, avoided! It’s obviously doubtful that you can do this yourself, but you also don’t need to. Most reputable cleaners will have a steam sanitiser that can absolutely take care of this by killing all these nasties in their tracks and have your bed ready in less than an hour.

The effective standard is using a steam sanitiser with decent pressure to heat ratio. An 8-Bar commercial unit provides 180 Degrees of instantly evaporative steam (dry heat) that kills 99.99% of nasties, refreshes your mattress and sanitises your place of rest. It will kill mould, bugs, dust mites and any other yucky you can think of that cause these issues. No perfumes, no chemicals, no "low-tox" nonsense that isn't ever really low-tox. Just H20, dry heat.

Even if you don’t have allergies, I think it’s a given that none of us want that stuff in our own beds. Better yet, other than being the only functional way to sanitise and clean such a massive piece of your bedding ensemble, steam sanitisation goes beyond the simple bed cleaning that you'd do for your sheets - it maintains your wellbeing. It’s also the healthiest, most eco-friendly AND most effective method.



- Allergy management

- Increased chance of restful sleep

- Reduces the risk of itching

- Increases bedroom air quality

- Prolonged lifespan of mattress

- Invaluable bedroom hygiene

- Mould sanitisation

- Much justified peace of mind


Okay, I need this done! How can I organise a mattress sanitisation?

While this post is here to be informative, it would amiss of me to be a cleaner, speak so strongly on the benefits of maintaining your health borne of sanitising your mattress and not have a means to help. If you're based in Melbourne, please get in touch and we can organise a mattress cleaning for you at your convenience. If you're elsewhere, I highly encourage you to get in contact with someone local.

You will thank yourself, your mind and your body for getting this done for years to come.