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Home Cleaning During Lockdown in Melbourne

There remains a lot of confusion in our community with what is or isn't permitted during lockdown periods in Melbourne. Covid-19 has brought a lot of distress and emotional turmoil and for many, everyday life tasks that we usually are able to undertake feel like they may be out of reach or in many cases, impossible. Thankfully, Business Victoria via the direction of the CHO has outlines a range of reasons for cleaning to remain permitted during lockdown periods for a set of reasons and categories. We understand these rolling, extended lockdowns bring a lot of mental, emotional and even physical fatigue. Read below to see whether you are eligible for a clean!

1. Caregiving; Physical Injury/Help, Mental Health, Pregnancy, Stress, Anxiety, Age etc--

Cleaning as caregiving and/or a support service is available to you! We’ve assisted many individuals with bookings with matters pertaining to age, well-being, mental health, stress, anxiety, disability, injury, pregnancy etc. Please contact us for information or bookings, we are happily here to support you under this permitted service.

2. End of Lease/Move-Out and Start of Lease/Move-In Cleans--

End of Lease, move-out and move-in cleans are permitted, both as a function of health and safety and as an ancillary service to real estate (finalise property settlement, newly rent, re-rent and to assess/return bond). If you are moving in, have moved in, moving out or about to move out, you may book your clean under this permitted service.

3. Customers on Welfare Support Requiring Assistance--

If you are on a benefit or registered as a participant with a support scheme such as NDIS or TAC, cleaning as an ancillary service is permitted. According to government direction, support services, health care and social assistance is permitted “where required to maintain the health and safety of Victorians at home or at work” and for “community support services required to ensure the health, safety and well-being of vulnerable people”.

4. Commercial, Retail & Post-Build/Renovation Cleans--

Commercial cleaning, retail space cleans and post-renovation or builders cleans will be permitted under “labour hire when servicing an allowed workplace”. Support Services such as cleaning “are permitted to operate where providing support to an essential industry or where required to maintain the health and safety of Victorians at home or at work”. “Construction of critical and essential infrastructure and services to support these projects” are permitted.

These exemptions are set up to help people that need help, please know that you are well within the framework set up by the government to be able to engage in cleaning services if you fall under any of the above categories, and if so, remember that we are here to help you however we can.

I think I'm eligible but not entirely sure, how can I find out?

Feel free to contact us! You can submit an enquiry either here or here, please detail as much as you can regarding your situation to allow us to give you an accurate answer. Please know we understand some situations are sensitive and we are here to support whichever your situation is if we can, just let us know as much as you feel comfortable with.


Do I need any evidence to support a required booking?

Both the government and we understand that the thousands of tiny businesses around the state do not have the capacity, or more importantly, the expertise to be able to collect and assess data of either sensitive or intra-business situations. If you believe evidence is necessary in the form of doctors letters, appointment notes, real estate letters or emails, feel free to send them through, but know that they aren't required for your booking.


Okay, how do I book?!

You can send us a submission form with your details either here or here, we will get back to you asap and have you booked in at a convenient time and date for you!


I'm not eligible and I'm stressed out, what can I do?

Contact us first to make sure, you may very well be eligible without knowing and we have had almost 2 years of Melbourne lockdown experience to know! In the case you're not eligible, we wish we could do more and sorry that things are this tough, we understand. It won't fix everything, but feel free to read through our other blog posts that break down cleaning into smaller tasks to help you physically, mentally and emotionally. I recommend this post written by Sophie that details cleaning one room at a time, with tips on how to tackle the whole home! Hopefully it serves as a little boost in the meantime, and we promise we'll be back in your home before you know it.


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